Sunday – October 7th 2012

Shawn and Nancy’s guest was Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, osteopath and board certified in emergency medicine, director of an integrative medical center incorporating various allopathic and holistic medical disciplines, and prodigious vaccine researcher and author of articles, seminars, books and DVD’s.

The issue of trust was the discrepancy between the information contained in the reams of vaccine-related studies and articles, and the information the vaccine industry disseminates via the mainstream media. Dr. Tenpenny defined the problem more precisely, speaking to the disconnect between the body of information in many of those documents, versus the stated conclusions and findings, which are all that most doctors read. This is a disturbing reality, since that information then becomes part of the doctors line of reasoning in diagnosing and treating disease.

The wide-ranging discussion spoke to:

Dr. Tenpenny’s Vaccine Research Library, a compendium of thousands of conventional articles and studies, all refuting the mainstream portrayal of vaccines as safe, effective and necessary.

The great benefits of natural contraction of disease in general, and measles in particular, which in previous years was viewed as a rite of passage of the immune system, solidifying its autonomous function. Vaccines thwart that process.

The false belief that it is essential to have a pediatrician – that, minus a congenital anomaly or complicated pediatric illness, that holistic and personal care is, as it has been through the ages, sufficient; that, indeed, so-called pediatric wellness visits are thinly-veiled vaccination schedule compliance surveillance sessions.

The routine use of highly reactive agents such as prior years’ vaccines as ostensible placebos in the testing of new vaccines, obviously greatly obfuscating the test results, since a placebo is, by definition, non-reactive.

The lack of integrity of the CDC in not long ago implementing a comprehensive comparative study of the medical histories of the vaccinated, vs the completely unvaccinated, using the excuse that it would be unethical to refuse vaccination to some children to accomplish such a study, but knowing full well that there are over a million kids in the U.S. who are unvaccinated because of their parents’ choice – a more than adequate number to produce meaningful findings.

References and resources:
Dr. Tenpenny’s DVD, Vaccines: the Benefits, the Risks, the Choices – available, along with her books and other DVD’s, at:
The Facebook page, Dr Tenpenny on Vaccines

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Sunday, October 14th 2012

The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust

Summary : October 14, 2012 Broadcast

Shawn and Nancy began a recap of the various issues of trust discussed on the show. They covered:

The deception of the portrayal of the eradication of polio by the polio vaccine, reviewing the official changes made by the CDC, concurrently with the introduction of the vaccine, to the diagnostic parameters of paralytic polio, eliminating, but not eradicating, more than two-thirds of the cases that would thenceforth be diagnosed; and the less official change in protocol used in diagnosing non-paralytic poliomyelitis, in essence wiping that disease out of the medical dictionary. To sum: statistical parlour tricks, rather than disease eradication.

The lack of fulfillment of their responsibility to announce to the American public the findings of the CDC’s own 1999 in-house Verstraeten study, which showed a direct link between the mercury in vaccines and the increasing incidence of learning and speech disorders and autism.

The crossing of an ethical line every time a public health official or doctor chants the mantra, correlation doesn’t equal causation, to assuage parental fears over the several hundred thousand serious adverse vaccine-associated reactions that have been recorded in the CDC’s VAERS database. Without full knowledge of the individual cases, such statements are false, for they imply that there’s no need for concern, when, statistically speaking, the correlation that is the collection of VAERS reports, by definition, are not expected to be coincidental; they are expected to be causally related to the vaccines.

Callers to the show spoke to vaccine damage, in which, yet again, an initial diagnosis of vaccine-induced brain damage as the cause of an infant death was changed to SIDS; to the current administration of multiple vaccines to kids in clinics being held in Wyoming public schools; and to a focus on nutrition in diet, and supplementation where needed, to sustain a robust immune system.

The issue of trust was the bizarre path we have followed, that leads to such dire straits; where we are compelled to disseminate the truth that there are grave reasons to distrust the very authorities on whom we are told to rely for information about the threat, prevention and treatment of infectious disease.


The show can be listened in a podcast format here: 10/14/2012 podcast

Sunday October 21st 2012

The guests were Dr. Viera Scheibner and Donna Voetee. With her late husband, Dr. Scheibner implemented the infamous cotwatch studies that link SIDS to vaccines, showing that infants experience chronic bouts of severely reduced intake of air for several days following vaccination; again, a week later; and yet again, another week later. Coincidentally, many cases of SIDS follow this same pattern.

The issue of trust was be the questionable validity of FDA and EPA safety limits set to injected neurotoxins.

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Lets preserve New Jersey Religious Exemptions.

IMMEDIATE ACTION NEEDED – S1759 – Regarding the Religious Exemption to Vaccination

The SENATE AMENDED S1759 on Thursday, October 4th.    In response to your calls, the bill no longer requires annual vaccination counseling or a doctor’s signature.  However, the revised bill still has major problems.

The NJ SENATE May vote on S1759 on Thursday, October 25th.  Mark your calendars. This is the next possible date that S1759 could be posted for a full Senate vote.  We need YOU and a lot of additional people in Trenton when this bill is posted for a vote.  There is power in numbers!

What to do NOW:

Go to Trenton.  Several of us are heading to Trenton on Thursday, October 11th to meet with Senators and hand out information.  If you are able to join us, please contact us at  The legislators need to feel our presence and understand how important this is.  We had a successful day last Thurs. 10/4.

Contact your Senator again.Remind him/her that you are a constituent and following the bill closely.  Urge a NO VOTE on S1759Find your Senator here   We need to keep contacting Senators to help them better understand this bill.  Consider gathering family and friends and stopping by your Senate district office.

Call Governor Christie.  Tell him you are deeply concerned and express your opposition to S1759. Remind him of his commitment to support parental rights and urge him to veto S1759 should it reach his desk 609-292-6000

Sign our NEW Petition:  We have set up a new petition  (This is a paid site, and your email address will not go to any other groups.)

Talking points:

S1759 is an attack on religious rights and religious freedoms in NJ. Parents are still required to explain in detail their religious beliefs and obtain a notarized statement.

S1759 is financially discriminatory.  It costs money to take time off work and pay for notary and possibly legal services.  Many parents who qualify for a religious exemption will be unable to afford one.

Who will decide what constitutes a bona fide religious belief?  It is inappropriate for state and school officials to pass judgment on a person’s private and confidential religious beliefs.

Forcing more people to take vaccines will not make the pertussis vaccine more effective, nor will it stop the disease from mutating.  Recent outbreaks of whooping cough have been among vaccinated populations.  The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) has stated the pertussis vaccine is ineffective and not providing the protection it has promised.  (see note below)*

The current religious exemption is working.  Several years ago, there was no uniformity and parents were being harassed, intimidated, and discriminated against for exercising their religious rights.  The New Jersey Department of Health was burdened with questions from schools. To quote from a 2008 Heath Department memo, explaining the change: “NJDHSS hopes that the information provided will enable schools, child care facilities and local health departments to process requests for exemptions in a more uniform and expeditious manner.”

NJ will require a cumbersome and discriminatory process in order for parents to claim a religious exemption.

This is expensive to taxpayers – Paying for oversight, compliance and the inevitable legal challenges.

Actual bill can be found here.


The media and some vaccine advocates are incorrectly blaming parents who choose not to vaccinate their children. But interestingly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and other health officials, are NOT. Allow me to quote Dr. Anne Schuchat, the director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases:

“Better diagnosis and reporting of whooping cough may be contributing to the increased numbers, along with the fact that the disease tends to peak and wane in cycles. It does not appear that anti-vaccination sentiment among parents has contributed to either the national rise in cases or the Washington state epidemic.” (3)


Sign the Petition Here.

Sunday, September 30Th, 2012

September 30, 2012 Broadcast Shawn’s guest was be Mark Blaxill, Editor – at – Large of the website, Age of Autism, a beacon of objectivity and common sense in the observation and discussion of the obvious causative relationship between vaccines and autism.The issue of trust was the use of adjuvants in vaccines, despite the fact that they are directly linked to autoimmune disease; and, in particular, how devastating they are to the natural development of the newborn, infant and baby immune system.
The show airs Sundays, from 2pm to 4pm central time, and can be listened at in a podcast form here: 09/30/2012 podcast
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Sunday – September 23, 2012

Summary, September 23, 2012 Broadcast

Leslie Carol Botha, Women’s Health Educator, publisher, author and broadcast journalist, and  past Vice President of Public Relations for S.A.N.E. Vax, Inc., dedicated to educating the public about the safety and efficacy of vaccinations, discussed the natural, cyclical weakening of women’s immune systems, both pre- and post-menstrual, that are never discussed by public health entities or doctors in their push for the uptake of HPV vaccines, though they make the women more susceptible to vaccine damage.  She is one of six women who presented research and data to the FDA in March of 2010 on the alarming statistics of Gardasil and Cervarix deaths, injuries and harm in comparison to other vaccines, and also discussed the 42.6% increase in probability of pre-cancerous lesions, as shown in Merck’s own Gardasil trial results, in about 6% of adolescent women who receive the vaccine – a poignant statistic, yet never mentioned in the mainstream. She discussed as well the fact that the FDA Commissioner and CDC Director have ignored letters sent them by the Centers for the Biology of Chronic Disease, warning that, for the public safety, they pay heed to evidence that the recombinant HPV DNA fragments we now know reside in apparently all HPV vaccines can actually cause long-term, chronic illness.

Leslie’s website:

Lori Mitchell Lee discussed both her own adverse reaction to a yellow fever vaccine, and her child’s progressively worse reactions to a series of DPT shots. She then moved on to the current state of affairs in her state of West Virginia, where she is one of a large group of parents lobbying to establish a non-medical vaccine exemption. Only one other state – Mississippi – offers only a medical exemption, and in West Virginia, even when said exemption is duly authorized, public health authorities will, more often than not, not accept them.

There is an additional concern: West Virginia state health regulatory agencies have in the last few years illegally mandated additional vaccines, using the existing interpretive rule with no authority to do so. Yet, the parents in the state are being held accountable for the additional vaccinations for their children.

The West Virginia state of affairs is terrible. Non-vaccine compliant families are being threatened with removal of their kids from schools.The West Virginia vaccine requirements even reach into the houses of  homeschoolers, they are monitored for vaccine compliance in West Virginia, and West Virginia is the only state that attaches misdemeanor charges, including a $50 fine, to every missed vaccine. There are even threats of charges of child abuse.

You can follow the parents’ progress, and support them, at: .

The political landscape cannot be ignored. Attacks are mounting against existing exemptions, with the support of national immunization coalitions, backed by even larger groups. Stay abreast of vaccine-related legislation in your state by registering with the NVIC Vaccine Advocacy Portal, at:

The issue of trust was the lack of any meaningful discussion of the tremendous decline in disease mortality rates during the 20th century, prior to the introduction of the vaccines, making virtually all disease essentially non-life threatening, eliminating the most fundamental argument for vaccination; and the CDC’s continued mischaracterization of the decline of disease mortality following the introduction of the vaccines as caused by the vaccinations, rather than the obviously more accurate statement that they were simply the continued progress of an already existing, long-established decline.


The show airs on Sundays, 2pm to 4pm central time, and can be listened here: The Vaccine Myth 09/23 podcast.

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Sunday, September 16 – 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012, Shawn’s guests were:

Dr. Lorraine Day. Dr. Day developed severe, advanced cancer in 1993, but refused chemotherapy, radiation and mutilating surgery and chose to rebuild her immune system by totally natural therapies, so her body could heal itself. She is alive and well and totally cancer-free, almost 20 years later. Her research into vaccines has led her to the expected opinion: vaccinations – ALL vaccinations – are neither safe nor effective. They all have horrific side effects that cause horrible maiming and death – and they don’t work.

Donna Voetee. Known on Facebook as Granny Good-Food, Donna’s a virtual book of knowledge, and an intense and passionate researcher. She has written articles on everything from the dangers of vaccination to its corollary, the benefits of good nutrition. Hopefully we can coax a few recipes out of her…

The issue of trust was the usurpation of parental authority that are the laws establishing with both, vaccination requirements for public schools and mandate of compliance with vaccine exemption protocols to refuse vaccines, when what should be established are laws mandating provision on the part of doctors, and vaccine implementers of all negative vaccine information, with strict penalties for non-compliance. Vaccines can, and do, after all, permanently damage and kill children.

The show airs on Sundays, from 2pm to 4pm central time, and can be listened as a podcast here: The Vaccine Myth, 09/16 Podcast.

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