Sunday November 25th, 2012

The issue of trust was the lack of dissemination of the news of the alleviation of autism symptoms triggered by the treatment of the Lancet kids’ bowel diseases. The effect of the treatments was so momentous as to be a potentially substantial breakthrough in perspective on autism and development of recovery strategies. To varying degrees on an individual basis, the kids began sleeping through the night, after many months or years of not having done so; began not only speaking after not having spoken, but resumed the learning of vocabulary – most remarkable and heartening, in some cases using the newfound speech on a level commensurate with their growth since ceasing to speak, making it clear that they had continued growing internally, both emotionally and intellectually, despite displaying the symptoms of autism; and, poignantly, began once again recognizing and bonding emotionally with their families.

This news should have been trumpeted in headlines around the world, yet, in the now many years since the publication of the case series, we’ve seen not even a mention.

The guest was gastroenterologist Dr. Andrew Wakefield, who, together with his twelve colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital in London, a formidable team of doctors and clinicians, led by one of the world’s leading pediatric gastroenterologists, Professor Walker-Smith, examined, analyzed and treated twelve children, all of whom had autism and severe gastrointestinal problems. To this day, the parents of the twelve children stand in strong support of the treatment of their children, lauding, indeed, that for the first time in the history of their kids’ illnesses, they were treated with the respect and compassion we should expect in health care.

Dr. Wakefield discussed the focus of his new book, Waging War on the Autistic Child: The Arizona 5 and the Legacy of Baron Von Munchausen, including the intriguing possibility that autism can be passed from one sibling to another through horizontal transmission, as opposed to contagion. That vaccine viruses can be horizontally transmitted has been adequately demonstrated, scientifically. The unusual fold here would be the harboring of the vaccine virus in the gut of the transmission recipient, which is perhaps explainable by the fact that horizontal transmission of measles can take place – indeed, because of the nature of such transmission is likely to take place – orally, whereas typical societal transmission of wild measles is respiratory in nature.

Nancy and Dr. Wakefield discussed the role of antibiotics in the incidence of autism. Antibiotics, much in use, destroy not only those bacteria in the gut considered the disease pathogens, but all bacteria, the vast majority of which are beneficial and absolutely necessary for proper digestion, and therefore proper function of the immune system. The doctor described the finding in the guts of autistic children of a markedly different, atypical, population of bacteria, when compared with healthy individuals.

Nancy asked the good doctor whether, considering that information such as we were discussing, readily available, is routinely not provided in mainstream media, thus unknown in the general public, there is any hope: yes, but only if parents wake up to the facts and take up political arms against legislation requiring vaccines, which constitute a usurpation of their parental rights and the suffocation of their freedom to fulfill their parental responsibility to protect their children. The good news is that in various studies upwards of 90% of parents surveyed said their main medical concern is vaccine safety.

Incredibly, Dr. Wakefield also described the following parameters laid out by the CDC, for pre-clinical testing of the measles vaccine by manufacturers, to determine whether it’s safe to inject into children. A group of monkeys – no control group required – receives thalamic injections of pure measles antigen – directly into the thalamus, in the brain. They are then observed for 21 days, after which they are sacrificed and analyzed. If a monkey dies within 48 hours, however, it is considered uncooperative – an inferior recruit – and replaced with another monkey, one that will hopefully have more respect for the process. If more than 20% die, the entire test is considered aberrant, and a new one implemented. So goes the testing to determine whether the substance is safe to use in vaccine clinical trial – typically for injection into healthy three-to-nine year olds.

Finally, he discussed the fact that a virus is a potentially infectious agent, but does not necessarily become pathogenic until other factors come into play. He referred specifically to the plague virus a particular group of Mongolian ground squirrels harbor in their throats, but from which they never develop the disease – as it turns out, after a study implemented by the Russian government, because their diet includes certain minerals that are found in the indigenous vegetation, whereas other colonies of the same species of squirrel, in other locations, succumb to the disease, lacking the good mineral, or ingesting other, toxic, minerals instead. This phenomenon speaks directly to a core tenet of the vaccination paradigm, which considers every infectious agent a pathogen, and every pathogen, a cause of disease. Obviously, it’s not really that simple.

Dr. Wakefield also announced the creation of the Academic Integrity Fund, established to help support medical professionals who speak out about the dangers of vaccines, as well as other drugs, and the corruption revealed in the pharmaceutical industry’s attacks upon them.

Dr. Wakefield’s books are available at:

The Academic Integrity Fund:


The show can be listened to in a Podcats format here: The Vaccine Myth 11/25/2012


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