Sunday November 18th, 2012

The issue of trust was: Vaccination does not equal immunization. True immunity is the result of a full immune response to natural exposure to an infectious agent. It is a two-pronged response, truly and absolutely unique to every individual – influenced by genetics, past exposures, diet and environment. Most importantly, it is simply and only the greatly reduced susceptibility to disease. It carries with it no threat of autoimmune disease, no threat of death, no threat of brain inflammation; no threat of any of the long list of potential dangers of vaccines.

The first guest was pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky. Still speaking to our issue of trust, he pointed out that in their vaccine inserts manufacturers clearly state that immunity is not guaranteed; that medical textbooks say that you can be protected from a disease – you can be immune – without even having an antibody, through the innate cellular response to an infectious agent – the response that is not activated by vaccination; and most importantly, that the bacteria and other infectious agents that cause the diseases against which children are vaccinated are ubiquitous – that most or all of them already inhabit children’s bodies before they receive the vaccines, rendering irrelevant a basic theory of vaccination, which is that the virtual assumption that the injection of the various disease antigens is a child’s first exposure.

Dr. Palevsky discussed the purpose of disease: to purge waste and toxins from the body. The reason a flu vaccinee might get sick after the vaccination – and indeed, many people report not only getting sick, but experiencing what they describe as the worst case of flu they’ve ever had – is that the body is working to rid itself of the toxins that were injected along with the disease antigens. So while the fever – the sickness – may be an appropriate response, it’s anything but normal. He spoke of the huge divide between doctors such as himself, who, having seen inconsistencies between what he was taught in medical school about vaccines and what he’d observed in his use of them in clinical practice had to investigate further, and the great majority of doctors, who refuse to even consider the possibility that because of the intensity of their training and indoctrination they have lost the ability to let their curiosity rouse them. Vaccines, said the doctor, destroy the integrity of the cell mediated immune system, which is crucial for the proper development of the immune system in the first few years of life.

Dr. Palevsky’s website:

Dr. Palevsky’s Facebook page:

The second guest was Zoey O’Toole, a member of the Thinking Mom’s Revolution (TMR), a group of parents each with a child who has, or has had, a developmental disability, autism in the majority of them. The group maintains a very popular blog of the same name, linked below, that has led to a book to be published in the Spring of 2013. Zoey’s posts are available along with all the others, on the blog, under Blogs by Author – her pseudonym is, the Professor.

Zoey told us of the group’s opinion, after many years of accumulated research, that both vaccines and antibiotics play a critical role in the epidemic of developmental and neurological disorders in our youth, and of what they consider a universal component of autistic children: autoimmune disorders. Thus, a child with an autoimmune disorder is possibly at higher risk of autism. Zoey also discussed her latest article on TMR, Brokenhearted in Brooklyn, in which she describes and equates the two heartbreaks: the suffering and loss from Superstorm Sandy; and the frustration and loss felt by the thinking moms when the children of family, friends and acquaintances suffer damage at the hands of vaccines, despite the moms’ persistent efforts to warn them of the consequences.

The Thinking Mom’s Revolution blog:

The show can be listened to in a Podcast format here: The Vaccine Myth 11/18/2012


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