Sunday December 9th 2012

Pediatrician Dr. Janet Levatin. Dr. Levatin is the pediatrician-in-residence at Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s Integrative Medical Center, in Ohio. She will relate the experiences that made her question vaccines – made her question her medical training – and what she’s discovered in her subsequent research.

Patti Finn, vaccine attorney. Ms. Finn has put out an all points bulletin for nurses and other health care workers who are being fired, or threatened with termination, for refusing the flu shot. She’ll discuss her basic strategies and past experiences in battling such cases.

The issue of trust was the most unusual. In the recent Congressional hearing on autism, it was made abundantly clear that several of the legislators posing questions to the CDC representatives were doing so because they’ve had an increasing number of their constituents sitting in their offices, frustrated and angry because they had no doubt that vaccines had seriously damaged their children, and very tired of the refusal on the part of the entities assigned the responsibility of oversight of the nation’s health to speak directly to the issue.

We know there is a behemoth behind the vaccination paradigm. Those nurses threatened with termination are the collateral damage of requirements recently put in place by the Department of Health and Human Services, with which hospitals must comply to receive 2% of their Medicare monies. Those vaccinations – both flu and pneumonia for patients, and flu-only for employees – are listed as Prevention: Global Immunization Measures. The pressure on legislators to stifle any blossoming curiosity about a vaccine link to autism must be weighty, but if there’s anything that can counter it, it’s the threat from disgruntled constituents of loss of the next election.

So our issue of trust is unusual, indeed: we trust that a continual stream of parents through the offices of legislators, relating their stories of vaccine damage and letting it be known in no uncertain terms that they expect the good Representative or Senator to not only breathe down the neck of the CDC, but actively work to make real progress happen, may have a meaningful impact.

On the schedule for next week, and hopin’ she stays on it: Lisa Joyce Goes, autism mom, the Rev of the Thinking Mom’s Revolution, and an indomitable spirit. The messages that flow through her pen cannot be ignored.

The show can be listened to in a podcast format here: The Vaccine Myth 12/09/2012



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