Sunday December 2nd, 2012

Today’s episode involves two issues of trust:

OBGYN’s have begun recommending the Tdap vaccine to their patients, in addition to the flu shot they began recommending two years ago. Our guest just a few weeks ago, Eileen Dannemann, Director of the National Coalition of Organized Women, spoke to the huge increase, of over 4,000%, in miscarriages and stillbirths in 2009/2010, with the introduction of the H1N1 vaccine. In 2010 the H1N1 vaccine was added to the seasonal flu shot, and the CDC urged OBGYN’s to begin routinely administering it to all of their patients. The CDC was aware at the time of the tremendous increase in risk, percentage-wise, that had resulted from the previous year’s H1N1 vaccination campaign, yet told the OBGYN’s there had been no increase in risk. To now add the Tdap vaccine as a recommendation is insidious.

This past Thursday, November 29, 2012, the Congressional Oversight and Government Reform Committee held a hearing on autism, spurred by the announcement months back that the incidence of autism in the U.S. in children has reached 1 in 88. Almost comical, were it not for the medical tragedy unfolding before our very eyes in the epidemics of neurological and autoimmune disorders in the nation’s youth, the two CDC officials sidestepped, vaulted and otherwise detoured around half the vaccine-related questions asked of them, Dr. Coleen Boyle, in particular, hemming and hawing in such absurd fashion as to be a virtual caricature of herself. Promises were made in many instances to provide to the Committee in the future, answers relevant to the questions being asked of them in the hearing; answers which they should have had at their fingertips, and which, beyond the televised hearing, will now be generally unavailable to the public. Add to this that when asked about the participation of wanted criminal Poul Thorsen, Danish research scientist who absconded with millions of CDC-sponsored dollars, in the studies the CDC has used to announce no proven link between vaccines and autism, she responded, he was involved in only two of the several. A short while later in the same hearing, however, the Congressman who had initially asked the question held up for all to see the papers he had just been handed by one of his staffers, listing Thorsen as a researcher in twenty of the twenty-two studies. Not a comment was made to Dr. Boyle about her previous response, which at that point lay somewhere between significantly incomplete information and perjury.

The guests were:

Deanna Gromowski, mother of Ian, who died at the hands of a Hep B vaccine. Ian never left the hospital setting. He had some relatively minor problems at birth that kept him hospitalized a few days extra. On day seven, as he was about to be released, he was given the Hep B vaccine, and within hours his fatal allergic reaction had begun. His parents had been given no warning about any potential side effects; no advisement that vaccinations should not be administered if there were existing immune system compromise, as was the case with Ian.

Ian’s case worsened, and he was transferred to another hospital, where he continued to worsen, to pass away on his forty-seventh day. At the second hospital, a neonatologist told Deanna, off the record, that because of Ian’s reaction she should not vaccinate any future children. The doctor also helped Deanna write a report for submission to VAERS – the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System – but would not sign it, leaving that for Deanna. VAERS reports are typically submitted by doctors. A telltale sign of the stranglehold the industry has on information, the doctor also wanted to write up Ian’s case history, but was told by the hospital administration that she would be fired if she did.

Ian’s story:

Sallie O. Elkordy, journalist and researcher, and co-host of The Mary and Sallie Show, was our second guest. Vaccines are only one of the many issues Sallie researches – and in which she takes an active role. Sallie has written proposed legislation to ban all vaccines.

Information central for Sallie’s work:

The Mary and Sallie Show:


The show can be listened to in a Podcast format here: The Vaccine Myth 12/02/2012




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