Sunday – October 7th 2012

Shawn and Nancy’s guest was Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, osteopath and board certified in emergency medicine, director of an integrative medical center incorporating various allopathic and holistic medical disciplines, and prodigious vaccine researcher and author of articles, seminars, books and DVD’s.

The issue of trust was the discrepancy between the information contained in the reams of vaccine-related studies and articles, and the information the vaccine industry disseminates via the mainstream media. Dr. Tenpenny defined the problem more precisely, speaking to the disconnect between the body of information in many of those documents, versus the stated conclusions and findings, which are all that most doctors read. This is a disturbing reality, since that information then becomes part of the doctors line of reasoning in diagnosing and treating disease.

The wide-ranging discussion spoke to:

Dr. Tenpenny’s Vaccine Research Library, a compendium of thousands of conventional articles and studies, all refuting the mainstream portrayal of vaccines as safe, effective and necessary.

The great benefits of natural contraction of disease in general, and measles in particular, which in previous years was viewed as a rite of passage of the immune system, solidifying its autonomous function. Vaccines thwart that process.

The false belief that it is essential to have a pediatrician – that, minus a congenital anomaly or complicated pediatric illness, that holistic and personal care is, as it has been through the ages, sufficient; that, indeed, so-called pediatric wellness visits are thinly-veiled vaccination schedule compliance surveillance sessions.

The routine use of highly reactive agents such as prior years’ vaccines as ostensible placebos in the testing of new vaccines, obviously greatly obfuscating the test results, since a placebo is, by definition, non-reactive.

The lack of integrity of the CDC in not long ago implementing a comprehensive comparative study of the medical histories of the vaccinated, vs the completely unvaccinated, using the excuse that it would be unethical to refuse vaccination to some children to accomplish such a study, but knowing full well that there are over a million kids in the U.S. who are unvaccinated because of their parents’ choice – a more than adequate number to produce meaningful findings.

References and resources:
Dr. Tenpenny’s DVD, Vaccines: the Benefits, the Risks, the Choices – available, along with her books and other DVD’s, at:
The Facebook page, Dr Tenpenny on Vaccines

The show airs on Sundays from 2pm to 4pm central time, and it can be listened on a podcast format here: The Vaccine Myth 10/07/2012 podcast

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