Sunday, October 14th 2012

The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust

Summary : October 14, 2012 Broadcast

Shawn and Nancy began a recap of the various issues of trust discussed on the show. They covered:

The deception of the portrayal of the eradication of polio by the polio vaccine, reviewing the official changes made by the CDC, concurrently with the introduction of the vaccine, to the diagnostic parameters of paralytic polio, eliminating, but not eradicating, more than two-thirds of the cases that would thenceforth be diagnosed; and the less official change in protocol used in diagnosing non-paralytic poliomyelitis, in essence wiping that disease out of the medical dictionary. To sum: statistical parlour tricks, rather than disease eradication.

The lack of fulfillment of their responsibility to announce to the American public the findings of the CDC’s own 1999 in-house Verstraeten study, which showed a direct link between the mercury in vaccines and the increasing incidence of learning and speech disorders and autism.

The crossing of an ethical line every time a public health official or doctor chants the mantra, correlation doesn’t equal causation, to assuage parental fears over the several hundred thousand serious adverse vaccine-associated reactions that have been recorded in the CDC’s VAERS database. Without full knowledge of the individual cases, such statements are false, for they imply that there’s no need for concern, when, statistically speaking, the correlation that is the collection of VAERS reports, by definition, are not expected to be coincidental; they are expected to be causally related to the vaccines.

Callers to the show spoke to vaccine damage, in which, yet again, an initial diagnosis of vaccine-induced brain damage as the cause of an infant death was changed to SIDS; to the current administration of multiple vaccines to kids in clinics being held in Wyoming public schools; and to a focus on nutrition in diet, and supplementation where needed, to sustain a robust immune system.

The issue of trust was the bizarre path we have followed, that leads to such dire straits; where we are compelled to disseminate the truth that there are grave reasons to distrust the very authorities on whom we are told to rely for information about the threat, prevention and treatment of infectious disease.


The show can be listened in a podcast format here: 10/14/2012 podcast


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