Sunday, September 16 – 2012

Sunday, September 16, 2012, Shawn’s guests were:

Dr. Lorraine Day. Dr. Day developed severe, advanced cancer in 1993, but refused chemotherapy, radiation and mutilating surgery and chose to rebuild her immune system by totally natural therapies, so her body could heal itself. She is alive and well and totally cancer-free, almost 20 years later. Her research into vaccines has led her to the expected opinion: vaccinations – ALL vaccinations – are neither safe nor effective. They all have horrific side effects that cause horrible maiming and death – and they don’t work.

Donna Voetee. Known on Facebook as Granny Good-Food, Donna’s a virtual book of knowledge, and an intense and passionate researcher. She has written articles on everything from the dangers of vaccination to its corollary, the benefits of good nutrition. Hopefully we can coax a few recipes out of her…

The issue of trust was the usurpation of parental authority that are the laws establishing with both, vaccination requirements for public schools and mandate of compliance with vaccine exemption protocols to refuse vaccines, when what should be established are laws mandating provision on the part of doctors, and vaccine implementers of all negative vaccine information, with strict penalties for non-compliance. Vaccines can, and do, after all, permanently damage and kill children.

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