August 19th 2012

Sunday, August 19, on The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust, the guest for the first hour was vaccine attorney Alan Phillips. Alan talked about the ins and outs of vaccine exemptions and other legalities surrounding the vaccination paradigm.

The guest the second hour was Michael Belkin, who spoke to the loss of his infant daughter to a Hep B vaccine. A musician, Michael’s grief found outlet through soulful songs, via his band, The Refusers. The music of The Refusers opens each hour of the show, and is not to be denied.

The issue of trust was Correlation Implies Causation. The mantra, correlation doesn’t equal causation, used by public health officials and doctors to assuage parental concerns raised by the hundreds of thousands of serious reactions reported associated with vaccines, is a smoke screen, unworthy of those who state it. Vaccines can damage, and vaccines can kill. To then attempt to motivate people to vaccinate by implying they can simply discount reported injuries, with no proof, on an individual case basis, that the reactions are not causally related to the vaccines, crosses an ethical line. It is a coercive use of the bully pulpit enjoyed by medical professionals.

The show is available as a podcast Here.

For questions about the show, request for more info, or to contact the host or the production, contact is at


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