August 12th 2012

Sunday, August 12, on The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust, the guest the first hour was Ingri Cassel. Ingri is Director of Vaccination Liberation a website that hosts chapters in almost every state in the U.S., whose members are there to assist all of us in the application for vaccine exemption and related issues. Ingri spoke, in part, in memory of her just-passed mother, Walene James, originator of the Vaccination Liberation site and a giant in the vaccine awareness movement. Walene’s books reflect her prodigious intellect, and she was – and still is – a primary force in motivating many of the good, outspoken doctors and researchers we constantly reference on this page.

The guest the second hour was Marcella Piper-Terry, researcher extraordinaire and founder of and the No Shot, No School – Not True! billboard campaign. Marci told us about the vaccine damage suffered by her daughter.

Out issue of trust for this show was the CDC’s dereliction of duty in not announcing to the American public the findings of their own 1999 in-house study that showed a direct, causal link between thimerosal in vaccines and the rising incidence of autism and learning and speech disorders in the United States.

The show aired from 2pm – 4pm, CDT, and its available here on an audio format Podcast 08/12/2012

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