Sunday September 2nd, 2012

Sunday, September 2, 2012 – We listened to a seminar by neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock and discuss aspects of Hilary Butler’s thorough article on the development of the neonatal immune system and the role played by vaccines. The introduction of adjuvants, used in vaccines to prompt an increased response from the immune system, works in direct opposition to the Master Plan, if you will. The steps through which every newborn, infant and baby immune system must progress are slow and deliberate. The first two years are precious: they are spent recognizing, identifying and cataloging the body’s own biological components, so that once the immune system is operational, it will not respond to them as foreign. In this manner, Nature prevents autoimmunity. Adjuvants are used in experiments with lab animals to trigger autoimmune diseases, like rheumatoid arthritis. To then include them in vaccines given to humans is unconscionable, but to then do the same to newborns, infants and babies is exponentially more threatening, because it upsets the delicate period of immune system development – it’s as though Mother Nature were a fool and humans know better, an arrogant and foolish attitude.

Most disturbing is that there are those in positions of power in the vaccine industry – including the government, the pharmaceutical companies, the medical establishment and the mainstream media – who are well aware of the above, yet not only continue to expand the vaccination schedule, but to increase the motivational push toward universal and mandatory vaccination, through every channel imaginable, governmental and corporate.

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Say NO to RFID Necklaces on our students!!!

The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust, endorses the position paper authored by Katherine Albrecht regarding a proposed San Antonio school district plan to place RFID necklaces around the necks of all the students at two of its schools. Beyond the attendant privacy issues, RF transmissions have been proven detrimental to health, and as such the necklaces would be a hazard to each student, in particular those whose immune systems have already been compromised through the administration of vaccines – which is virtually all of them.

Information regarding the proposed plan, and a link to the position paper we have endorsed, can be found here:

August 26th 2012 – Parents Call In

Sunday, August 26, 2012 – A very special broadcast of The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust. Eleven parents of vaccine damaged children, in a few cases adults who themselves were injured, called in to give a brief encapsulation of the experience. They shared with us their journeys, the tip of the iceberg that is the true extent of vaccine damage; the true insidious, virtually deceptive nature of many of the injuries left in the wake of vaccination; and the sometimes arrogant, sometimes simply naïve, sometimes defiant denial on the part of doctors, in their reluctance or outright refusal to acknowledge vaccine damage as a reality, or a possibility in their patient.

The issue of trust was the blatant omission of any mainstream discussion of vaccine damage; nay, the blatant mischaracterization of serious vaccine injury as extremely rare. The false sense of security this affords parents is one more influence in the expansion of the epidemics of autoimmune disorders wracking the nation.

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This are the stories that were shared on the show:

– I’m Ginger Lee. My son’s name is Landry.

Our vaccine injury experienceOur son was born in September 2003. The was our first child, and we were beyond thrilled to have him, as most new parents are.We were completely clueless about vaccines, in fact, we never even considered questioning them. It was just a given that vaccinating is what you do. He was given HepB and vitamin K in the hospital. Standard procedure. He was very jaundiced after that and had to stay 2 extra days in the hospital, but again, to the hospital staff and ped this was all just standard procedure, nothing to be concerned about.

My son’s tongue was tied, so he wasn’t nursing well. He could latch on, but was not extracting milk. This was miserable for me and for him. I remember our first night home from the hospital not sleeping at all. He was up screaming from hunger and I was in pain. We took him to the ped, and I distinctly remember sitting in her office crying, bc I so wanted to nurse him, and didn’t understand why it wasn’t working, especially when he was latching so well. She was what I call “in orbit”. Rather than listening to me, and addressing my concerns, she told me a story about another one of her patients who almost drowned but had pulled through. While this story was touching, it had nothing at all to do with my brand new baby. What she was really doing was dismissing my concerns about not breast feeding as trivial compared to this other situation. What’s funny is that I remember her seeing my son’s tongue tie and even telling me that we will just watch it, bc they usually tear on their own. She never made the connection that the tongue tie was the very reason I couldn’t nurse him. It wasn’t until he was 21 months old, that we had to have him put to sleep and an ENT clipped it, and put stitches in it so it wouldn’t fuse back together. He said to me that day, “That’s why you couldn’t nurse him.”.

So, he was on soy formula. And yes, for all of you gasping with horror, I do now know how horrible soy formula is. Dr Blaylock has loads of info on it for anyone interested. The formula made him chronically constipated, so this same ped had us put corn syrup in his every bottle. And again, yes I now know what horrible instruction that was! Did I mention her husband is a gastrointestinal md?? But I digress……….

At some point, a light bulb went off, and we realized that the corn syrup ped was not for us. So we moved on to a new ped.

This entire time we are vaccinating on schedule. HepB, polio, Prevnar, the whole bit. Each and every time our son received a vaccine he had high pitched screaming, put both hands up by his ears, and urinated everywhere. I now know that those are all signs of neurological damage, but at the time, I did not, and of course, corn syrup ped is still in orbit and had never advised us to even look for a vaccine reaction. We were never told about vaccine injury, vaccine court, nothing. We were not given the package inserts to read, so that we could make a true informed choice.

So onto the new, just as clueless, ped. When our son was 9 months old, my husband had a “check” about continuing to vaccinate him. This is important, because as parents, we have God given intuition. That should never be ignored. If you don’t feel right about doing a medical intervention, don’t do it. What we did, stupidly, was to ask the new ped. He was better than corn syrup ped, right? He disagreed with the corn syrup therapy. But honestly, what did we really expect him to say? Peds in the US make 50 to 80% of their income from vaccines. 100% of their info comes from pharma, the vaccine maker. So, this new ped seemed so concerned and took all this time explaining how he had “read everything”, and vaccines were perfectly safe. I’m here to tell you he did not read anything except what pharma provided for him to read.
My son had the same reaction as before, high pitched screaming, hands up by his ears, urinating everywhere, only this time it lasted for about 45 minutes. All the way home from the ped’s office, and then after we got home. That’s when we stopped. We did no more vaccines after that 9 month visit, but, the damage was already done. Our son started odd OCD type behaviors, like rotating his wrists and ankles for hours on end, lost eye contact, had horrible yeasty stools, and the list goes on. I remember at his 1st and 2nd birthday he sat in front of his little cake that he was supposed to be digging his hands into, and just stared into space. He wasn’t even aware of the presents, and could care less about opening them. It’s like he lost his personality, and became very robotic. He had no comprehension of what was said to him, would not eat anything but baby food til age 4, wasn’t potty trained til age 4, didn’t play with other kids who were trying to play and communicate with him, and had daily meltdowns over absolutely nothing. He did not develop language. It was a rough season of our lives. He was dx as PDD-NOS, which is autism, at 33 months. We started biomedical treatments with a DAN! md, and our world was turned upside down. We have spent enough money on him to send him to college. We did not do any additional therapies other than what was free through the school system, but we did any and every biomedical intervention possible. Then we did homeopathy. Our son did officially lose his autism dx at age 6, testing out of speech and special Ed. He is recovered. However, there are still things to this day that we deal with. We are currently working to clear his liver and other filter organs, bc he has high oxalates. This is due to so much detox. He had mercury and aluminum, both vaccine ingredients, literally pouring out of him.

We stopped vaccinating him at 9 months, he never had the MMR, thank God, and he will be 9 years old next month. We still spend approximately $500 to $700 a month or more on various supplements for him, not including organic, gluten, dairy, and soy free foods. This amount is also largely reduced from previous years. So to all the parents out there, I say:
Do not suppress your God given intuition, and please do thorough research before you let a ped, who gets 100% of their info from vaccine makers talk you into vaccinating. You will be the one at home with your child. Not the ped.

– Hi, my name is Katrina. My son Daniel was a happy, normal baby until October 2005, when we took him to his 5 month well baby check up. We watched as they weighed, measured,

and deemed Dan to be in great health and as they administered two vaccines (dtap and Ipv). We were only allowing two to be given at a time, feeling that 4 – 5 were to many. Within a few hours it was obvious our son was suffering. His cry’s changed to high pitched screams. It was clear he was in pain. He began back arching a little later that evening. He stopped looking
directly into our eyes,looking at something behind him. We took him back to the doctor the next day after his vaccinations and were told our son was not suffering a vaccine reaction at all, but instead was suffering from colic (which he hadn’t had just 24 hours earlier. The doctor then told us the episodes of arching were nothing more than our son trying to roll over! We were then instructed to undress our son so the other two vaccines we had refused the day prior could be administered. When we refused we were told not to bother coming back.As time went on it was pretty obvious Dan had suffered something more severe then colic and trying to roll over. The arching continued for months. When our son finally began walking he couldn’t differentiate solid objects and clear walk ways. He consistently walked into furniture, walls and door facings. When he finally was able to walk through a doorway he would drop his head to the
side, still managing to bump it before proceeding through the door. He then went through a head banging phase, showed repetitive behaviors, he despised laughter.As he grew he began to make up elaborate stories. At one point we even called the police believing someone had tried to abduct our son from our back yard. We later found out this never occurred. This was when we contacted a government run mental health facility. Short of them following Dan around in public to witness his behavior there was no real help offered. We backed out of the program. We have always been very patient with Dan and tried to seek help for him where ever we could.

Today Dan still has issues though they aren’t anywhere near as obvious as they once were. My son still has a hard time with
his short term memory, still has a horrible temper. He still has toilet training issues. The only thing we did was to change his diet, eating healthier. We avoid processed foods, HFCS, sugars, food dyes, as much as possible and use whole raw or fermented foods.

My biggest bit of advice to other parents would be for everyone to investigate vaccines before they allow them to be given to their
little ones. Find out what is in each vaccine before you agree to have it injected. Because once it’s injected and damage
is done it’s to late. My largest regret is that we didn’t do our homework before our son’s injury.

– My name is Susie Pellum. In 2001, my son, Tony, was preparing to go on a two week missions trip to Panama. He was a 21 year old Honors College student at the time. Several vaccines were recommended, but because I was a little leery of his receiving so many at one time, I suggested he only get what they absolutely insisted on, which was Hepatitis A. Since it was only one vaccine, I didn’t think much about it. But he had a drastic personality change within 24 hours of that shot. He had always been really laid back and sweet tempered, but the day after that vaccination, he suddenly became withdrawn, angry and belligerent. I also noticed he was having some memory lapses, whereas, he had always had an incredible memory prior to that. As a mother, it broke my heart. I felt like I’d lost my sweet son and was living with a total stranger. Over time, his health declined until he became so sick that he was admitted to ICU, where he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. We were told he would need to be on insulin the rest of his life, that he would face possible blindness, amputation, kidney failure, and other diabetes complications down the road. And we learned his lifetime medical care would total over a million dollars. Over the next two years, we had to call paramedics five times because of dangerous blood sugar fluctuations. One evening, when he didn’t come home and wasn’t answering his phone, we called police, and it turned out he’d been lying unconscious, in the grass on campus, for 4 hours, while students just walked on by assuming he was taking a nap. We learned Type 1 Diabetes is a very frightening and unpredictable disease. As I began researching the vaccine connection, I learned that studies HAVE linked vaccines to Type 1 Diabetes and other autoimmune disorders. And that it’s even listed by manufacturers as a possible adverse reaction. I also was alarmed to learn the vaccine contained aborted fetal tissue, aluminum, which is a known neurotoxin, and formalin, which is a type of formaldehyde known to cause cancer. I’d had NO idea vaccines contained such toxic ingredients. While researching the disease he was vaccinated for, I learned Hepatitis A is generally a mild virus with no complications. So we traded the slim possibility of his contracting a relatively harmless virus in exchange for an incurable autoimmune disease that will require lifetime care. Our lives, and especially my son’s life, were changed forever that day because of that one vaccine.Studies show that 54% of American children have a chronic illness of some kind, which equates to 32 million kids. There’s something terribly wrong with this! I strongly urge everyone to take the time to thoroughly research vaccines from sources other than those who profit from them, because, as we learned, vaccine injury can occur at any age, and even ONE vaccine can push someone over the edge.
–  My name is Tara McMillan and my son has vaccine injuries, he also has Autism from the injuries. He was born the biggest of our children at 8 lbs 110z, he had an apgar score of 8 and 9, and he was developing normally.

In the second day of my sons life he was given a shot in the nursery, wheeled back to me, and he was somewhat blue, (blue lips) I shook him, because I thought that he couldn’t breath and I didn’t like his color. He is baby number three, but my first boy. I told the nurse but she didn’t believe me, and nothing happened from this.My son received his two month shots, which included the hepatitis B. He was sick with in a couple of weeks, and I took him to the emergency room. Its documented that he was sick, and I didn’t connect vaccines, because I didn’t know that he could have a reaction that was delayed.
My son also received shots at 4 months, and again we were in the emergency room because he was sick. At 6 moths he had vaccines, and again he was in the ER because he was sick with high ever, lethargy, diarrhea. and at 6 months. By the time my son was 6 months old, he lost the ability to nurse. Since then I have found science studies that show baby monkeys vaccinated with hepatitis B loose the ability to root and suck. This is what happened to my son, but I received no explanation from any doctor, and I was on my own trying to get my son to eat.My son was a zombie, he had a glazed look, and was very quiet. By the time he was 9 months old he had severe eczema in his eyebrows, which would crack and bleed. He was delayed on all of his milestones. I had no explanation from any doctors that this was considered a vaccine reaction.

At 17 months of age, my son was given many vaccines at once to catch up on his schedule, and I was told that this was okay to do. He received his 12 month well visit shots, and his 15- to 18 month shots all at once, a total of ten vaccines. His brain swelled up but he was still walking around. He was always delayed because of previous vaccines. He never got better. He would say words once in a while. He received an MRI about two months after the vaccines, and they said he had Chiari Malformation. After his next MRI a year later it showed that he did not have chiari malformation. My understanding of Chiari is that its congenital and that you are born with it. If my son didn’t have it- I theorized that it was brain inflammation. I have not been able to find a doctor that confirms this because they are too afraid to get involved since it centers around a vaccine reaction.

My son clearly had vaccine reactions. If your child has Autism, please look back in their medical records, see where they had vaccines, see where they were sick, and you will find a link.

–  My name is Vicki Wilkerson. Our family has two vaccine injuries. My 21 yr old son, Shaw, lives with a diagnosis of Autism. He was a typically developing toddler until his MMR shot. He had a terrible reaction, running temperature as high as 104 for several days. His regression in speech & motor skills was immediate. At the time, we were told it was a normal reaction. None of his Doctors have ever acknowledged his Autism diagnosis is vaccine related. Last year, my then 17 yr old son, Eli, had his first flu shot. It was given at our Doctor’s office & Eli’s temperature was normal prior to receiving the shot. Within 1 hr, he was achy and nauseous; within 8 hrs his temperature was 103. He had a nasty red pus filled throat and the lymph glands in his neck were visibly swollen. He was miserably ill for several days. During a series of phone calls over 3 days, our Doctor’s opinion went from initially stating it was a normal reaction to, ultimately, insisting Eli had been exposed to either flu or strep throat before the shot. On day 4, both a strep and flu test were negative. We reported the incident to VAERS. We believe his immune system has been compromised. Since this event, he has had 3 occurrences of flu type illness with cough, congestion and fatigue; each one serious enough to send an energetic 18 yr old to the couch with a blanket for a couple days. I wanted to share our experience because I so want to raise awareness of vaccine injuries, which occur at an alarming rate. I would advise everyone to educate themselves about vaccines. Parents need to make an informed choice BEFORE that ironic moment when a doctor insists vaccines are safe while also insisting you sign a release which states they aren’t so safe. If sharing our experiences helps raise awareness to educate before you vaccinate, then we’ve done something important.

August 19th 2012

Sunday, August 19, on The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust, the guest for the first hour was vaccine attorney Alan Phillips. Alan talked about the ins and outs of vaccine exemptions and other legalities surrounding the vaccination paradigm.

The guest the second hour was Michael Belkin, who spoke to the loss of his infant daughter to a Hep B vaccine. A musician, Michael’s grief found outlet through soulful songs, via his band, The Refusers. The music of The Refusers opens each hour of the show, and is not to be denied.

The issue of trust was Correlation Implies Causation. The mantra, correlation doesn’t equal causation, used by public health officials and doctors to assuage parental concerns raised by the hundreds of thousands of serious reactions reported associated with vaccines, is a smoke screen, unworthy of those who state it. Vaccines can damage, and vaccines can kill. To then attempt to motivate people to vaccinate by implying they can simply discount reported injuries, with no proof, on an individual case basis, that the reactions are not causally related to the vaccines, crosses an ethical line. It is a coercive use of the bully pulpit enjoyed by medical professionals.

The show is available as a podcast Here.

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August 12th 2012

Sunday, August 12, on The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust, the guest the first hour was Ingri Cassel. Ingri is Director of Vaccination Liberation a website that hosts chapters in almost every state in the U.S., whose members are there to assist all of us in the application for vaccine exemption and related issues. Ingri spoke, in part, in memory of her just-passed mother, Walene James, originator of the Vaccination Liberation site and a giant in the vaccine awareness movement. Walene’s books reflect her prodigious intellect, and she was – and still is – a primary force in motivating many of the good, outspoken doctors and researchers we constantly reference on this page.

The guest the second hour was Marcella Piper-Terry, researcher extraordinaire and founder of and the No Shot, No School – Not True! billboard campaign. Marci told us about the vaccine damage suffered by her daughter.

Out issue of trust for this show was the CDC’s dereliction of duty in not announcing to the American public the findings of their own 1999 in-house study that showed a direct, causal link between thimerosal in vaccines and the rising incidence of autism and learning and speech disorders in the United States.

The show aired from 2pm – 4pm, CDT, and its available here on an audio format Podcast 08/12/2012

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August 05, 2012 – First Show

Here is the Audio Archive of our first show The Vaccine Myth, an Issue of Trust 08/05/2012

This was the first broadcast of The Vaccine Myth: An Issue of Trust. It airs on Sundays,  from 2pm – 4pm, CDT, streamed live at:

On this past show, the guest for the first hour was Dr. Suzanne Humphries.

The parent callers during the second hour were Kim Ii, former Director of NVIC California, and the mother of a boy who was vaccine damaged, and Alisha Ramsey, the mom who last week stood in a pediatrician’s office clutching her two-year old boy to her as the doctor and his assistant tried several times to take him from her arms, to give him 14 vaccinations. She never let go of her son.

Coming soon will be the list of resources and information given on the show.